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All Inclusive Parties

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Life's Little Parties Takes Pride In Creating An All Inclusive Party Environment.

All Our Party Packages Can Be Tailored To Individual Needs; Including Sensory And Neuro-Diverse Needs. 

We Have Lots Of Additional Sensory Games Such As;

Light Up Pom Pom Dancing,

Bubble Popping,

Feely Boxes,

Action Songs,


Plus All Other Games We Play At Our Parties, Which Can ALL Be Adapted!

Please Notify Us At Time Of Booking If One Of Your Party VIP's Has Any Additional Needs, So We Can Help You And Your Party*!

*This Can Even Include Holding A Pre-Party Phone Call Or Providing Extra Information On How The Party Will Run To Help You And The Individual Process And Anticipate The Event. Also Giving The Individual Some Point Of Control And Say Of The Party. 


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