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Wild Safari Party

This Theme Is Best Suited To Younger Safari Explorers Ages 2-4 Years

Themed Music Will Help The Chil
dren's Imagination Be Transported Into A Jungle.

During The Party The Children Will...

  • Dance Like Jungle Animals

  • Jump Over Stepping Stones

  • Meet Squawky, Our Lifelike Robotic Parrot

Book Your Child's Party Today To Find Out!

Life's Little Parties' Themed Packages Are All About Opening And Stretching The Imagination Of The Children. They Use A Story To Introduce The Games And A Variety Of Props Including Exclusive Hand Made Props!

Each Child At The Party Will Receive A Small Face Paint Design, A Balloon Model And A Certificate!

Here At Life's Little Parties We Take Pride In Creating An Inclusive Party Environment, See How We Can Help You And Your Guests With Additional Needs. 

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